• Debunking the myths associated with User Experience (UX): Hassan Rajwani, Amex

    Published: Wednesday, 04 February 2015

    Guest Lecture: Thursday 5th February Kilburn 1.1 (all welcome) #COMP10120

    As you continue to build your application for COMP10120, you may not have given much thought to the User Experience (UX) of your software. Is your application easy to use and how does it make your users behave? Do your interfaces help or hinder human-computer interaction (HCI)? What can you do about it and why should you care? This weeks guest lecturer, Hassan Rajwani from American Express will explain why these issues are important and what you can do to address them.

    Hassan runs the UK’s User Experience Design team in American Express’s Technology department and also runs a small startup in Brighton called Fat Ronaldo’s.  Hassan will be introducing User Experience and debunking some of the myths associated with the skills and processes around being a User Experience designer.  His goal is to convince you that UX can be done by anyone and is essential to make your business (or team) succeed. (His first degree was in Computer Science from the University of Loughborough.)

    This guest Lecture will take place on Thursday 5th February in Kilburn LT1.1 at 11am. All welcome, not just #COMP10120 students. American Express will be running a drop-in session on the lower first floor of Kilburn after the lecture to talk about opportunities for computer scientists at Amex - come along and say Hello.

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