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    Published: Monday, 30 January 2017

    Semester 2 I hope that the exams have gone smoothy, and that you are settling in well to your 2nd semester units.

    Semester 2

    I hope that the exams have gone smoothy, and that you are settling in well to your 2nd semester units. Early in the new semester you should take the chance to discuss any issues with your choices and plans with your Programme Director.  To support this, we will have an event for our masters students on Monday 6th February. The details are:

    • 13:00 Session with Programme Directors:
      • MSc in Advanced Computer Science, Sandra Sampaio, 2.19.
      • MSc in Advanced Computer Science and IT Management, Goran Nenadic, IT 407.
      • Part Time and MRes students should meet with their Programme Directors, Renate and Konstantin, 1-to-1.
    • 13:30 Pizza in PGT Breakout Room.

    Exam Feedback

    There will be a feedback session at 14:00 on Weds 15 March to give you the opportunity to view your marked COMP exam answer books for the Semester 1 exams. Advance registration is required; please email SSO with your ID, name and the list of courses you’d like to view. The deadline for registration 12:00 Weds 1 March.

    Seminar Programmes

    As part of the School’s regular seminar programme, this Weds 1 Feb at 14:00 in Kilburn LT1.5, Prof Bronis R. de Supinski (Lawrence Livermoore National Laboratory) will talk about A Standards-Based Approach to Effective Use of Future Large Scale Systems: "Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has a long history of leadership in large-scale computing. Our next platform, Sierra, will be a heterogeneous system delivered by a partnership between IBM, NVIDIA and Mellanox. A major consideration is how we will access Sierra's significant performance potential. This talk will provide an overview of the Sierra architecture, our reasons for selecting it and progress towards its deployment." Everyone welcome.

    The Data Science Institute invites you to their next Advanced Data Analytics Seminar taking place on 7 February at 13:00-14:00 in the Kanaris Lecture Theatre (Manchester Museum). Dr Joris Bierkens from TU Delft will present “The Zig-Zag Process and Super-Efficient Sampling for Bayesian Analysis of Big Data”. Full details. All welcome.

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