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    Published: Thursday, 21 September 2017

    ICYMI: Week zero introduction and tutor groups

    If you missed the second year introductory talk, the slides are available. The second year tutor groups have been also published.

    Second year tutorials during weeks 1 & 2

    Where possible, most of you should have the same tutor as last year. Unlike first year, the second year tutorials are not weekly, but twice per semester. Like your first year tutor, your second year tutor is there to help with any pastoral and academic issues during the year. This year the tutorials are short one-to-one meetings of around 15 minutes where you will discuss:

    • Course unit choices and review of first year
    • Your CV, bring a printed copy for review whatever the current state is

    Your first tutorial is in week 1 or 2 with half of each tutor group in week 1, the other half in week 2. Your own week (1 or 2) is indicated on your personal timetable. As you can see from the timetable, the day of the tutorial depends on your degree program:

    • Computer Science with Maths: Mondays at 2pm
    • Computer Science with Business: Mondays at 3pm
    • Everyone else (most students): Fridays at 3pm

    You will need to arrange with your tutor which part of the tutorial hour they will see you as they will  see several other students in the one hour slot. The tutorial slots above are the default times which most tutors are expect to make. If they can't see you (this may sometimes happen), please liaise with them to re-arrange a time you can both make.

    Take an updated and printed copy of the CV you created in first year for your tutor to read and discuss with you. If you didn't create one last year, see last years materials at git.io/mycv, manchester.ac.uk/applicationsinterviews/cv and the CV and LinkedIn guide. The next tutorials are scheduled for week 10 and 11 and I'll be in touch about these nearer the time. 

    Thinking of going on placement?

    If you're considering going on placement, I'll be talking about that in more detail on Wednesday 27th September at 1pm in IT 407. If you are unable to make it, slides will be made available afterwards. We'll be discussing specific placements that are available for Computer Science students and providing extra information to follow on from the talks by the careers service this week.

    Course unit choices

    You have until the end of week 2 to finalise your course unit choices. For external units not in the approved list (e.g. languages) you need to email the year 2 tutor (that's me) with your request detailing what you'd like units you would like to enrol on. For language courses, bear in mind that the level needs to be higher than your current ability in that language. Also remember that these courses can be demanding, they are University level, and many span two semesters, the second of which can't be dropped if you are struggling. We want to encourage you to taking external course units, but make sure you are able to complete them as they are certainly not an "easy option".

    Any questions or comments on any of the above, let me know. Good luck!

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