• Why PHP is Awesome!

    Published: Friday, 07 March 2014

    COMP101 Guest Lecture Monday 10th March, 11am Kilburn LT1.1

    Guest lecture from Magma Digital and School of Computer Science alumni, Steph Cook and Damien Walsh, Monday 10th March at 11am in the Kilburn Building Lecture Theatre 1.1. This is part of #COMP10120, though all are welcome students, staff and anyone else who is interested.

    This talk will argue that PHP's bad reputation is a thing of the past and look at where and how PHP is used in the wild. We will describe some really useful tools and libraries which people can take away and play with.  We will touch on the jobs market for PHP, agency working and how to get involved. We will finally talk about the huge community for PHP around the world but also specifically in Manchester.

    Speaker Biographies: Steph Cook @steph_cook22 and Damien Walsh @themainframe are web developers @magma_digital and recent graduates of @csmcrJeremy Coates @phpcodemonkey is the Managing Director of Magma Digital, the leading software development agency in Lancashire.


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