Alvaro Fernandes

Senior Lecturer

Information Management research group

Alvaro Fernandes

The University is an exciting, friendly place where everyone is always aware that a new, groundbreaking achievement is just around the corner.

Our School is made distinctive by our history, the breadth of our interests, and the depth of our achievement; which has been sustained for decades now. It's an exciting, friendly place, where everyone is always aware that a new and groundbreaking achievement is just around the corner.

I have been here since 1998, so 15 years and counting. What keeps me here is my belief (backed by hard evidence) that you don't need all the fingers on your hand to count the places that are as good and exciting a home for a computer scientist as The University of Manchester.

I have enjoyed my work on sensor networks the most. This is a technology that is poised to underpin a revolution in the way we interact with the physical world, and my contributions make that dream a little closer.


For the lecturer, teaching is also learning, and this in itself makes it enjoyable. It's also a privilege to contribute to a person's intellectual growth and to play a part in empowering them to achieve great things in their lives and careers.

I try my hardest to be in tune with the times, which is crucial in a field that changes at sucha  breakneck pace as computing. It’s vital to embrace the advancements as they come thick and fast, and to be always aware that, in as little as five years' time, students' lives will have been radically transformed.

I think students will agree that I sometimes (perhaps too often!) get very, very excited about query processing! More seriously, I hope they remember me as someone who knew very vividly what an immense privilege it was to have helped them grow. I always think that I learn more from my students than they can ever learn from me.


First and foremost, the aspect of research I most enjoy is the fun and the thrill of doing something novel, non-trivial, and useful to others. Almost as much, the joy of working with others and learning from their amazing minds.

My research aims to make it easier and cheaper for people and systems to get the most information and knowledge as possible out of data. I work on devising new languages to represent data, and to derive algorithmically novel, useful information and knowledge from it. With such languages, I build new systems to store and retrieve data described in novel ways and stored in new distributed networks and platforms.

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