Areas and projects

Core projects

These fund fundamental research and the development of tools.

  • myGrid Platform Grant
  • BioVeL – Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory
  • SysMO-DB – Interoperation of Systems Biology data and services
  • myExperiment Virtual Research Environment for Scientists ( workflows & in silico experiments).
  • Social Networking for Life Sciences
  • wf4ever - Preservation of scientific experiments in data-intensive science
  • SCAPE – Developing scalable services for collections of complex digital objects

Associated projects

These use tools to solve particular e-Science problems.

  • BioVeL – Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory
  • ChemTaverna – Workflows for chemoinformatics
  • SysMO-DB – Interoperation of Systems Biology data and services
  • The Manchester Centre for Integrative Systems Biology – development and exploitation of Systems Biology techniques
  • OpenPHACTS – for the semantic web Open Pharmacological Space

Outreach projects

These are designed to expose scientists to the possible uses of e-Science and to assist them in adopting the available tools and techniques

  • Software Sustainability Institute – facilitating self-sustainability of research software


The e-Science lab gratefully acknowledges the funding support of their Sponsors:

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