Staff - eScience

Name Role Tel Location Email
Prof Carole Goble Professor Kilburn Building 
Mr Shoaib Ahmed Sufi Project Portfolio Manager Kilburn Building 
Dr Christian Brenninkmeijer Research Software Engineer Information Technology - 302 
Mr Stian Soiland-Reyes Technical Architect 0161-2750689 Kilburn Building - 1.17 
Dr Natalie Stanford Staff Kilburn Building 
Mr Stuart Owen Senior Research Software Engineer Kilburn Building 
Dr Aleksandra Nenadic Technical Training Manager Kilburn Building 
Mr Robert Haines Head of Research Software Engineering and Honorary Lecturer 0161-2757821 Kilburn Building 
Mr Donal Fellows Software Engineer Kilburn Building 
Mr Niall Beard Snr Research Software & Training Manager Kilburn Building - 1.17 
Mr Finn Bacall Elab Consultant Kilburn Building 
Mr Alan Williams Senior Research Software Engineer Kilburn Building 
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