• Hacking Education in Manchester: Computing in the Community

    Published: Wednesday, 25 February 2015

    Special #COMP101 guest lecture on Thursday 26th February at 11am as part of Student Volunteering Week

    Manchester has a vibrant local community working to educate people of all ages by engaging with various kinds of science and technology, both inside and outside of Universities and Schools across the city. This talk will look at different ways that communities are “hacking education” through work which relies heavily on volunteers. There will be a series of short lightning talks from members of local groups in Manchester, including CodeClub (primary education), Manchester Coderdojo (monthly hackathons), Manchester Digital Laboratory (Northern Quarter MadLab), GreatUniHack (local hackathon organised by CSSoc with MLHacks), Manchester Leadership Programme (University of Manchester), Manchester Raspberry Jam (Raspberry Pi workshops hosted at MMU), Manchester Robogals (robotics in classrooms)  and Manchester Girl Geeks (techno tea parties).

    A representative from each community will talk about the work they do and describe how people can get involved. These talks are part of student volunteering week, 26th February to 1st March.

    Organisations giving lightning talks include: 

    There will a series of short talks by representatives from the following organisations:

    • Manchester Digital Laboratory (madlab) is a hackerspace which hosts a wide variety of events on Edge Street in the Northern Quarter.
    • Manchester Girl Geeks Dinners are a not-for-profit group which organises networking events, talks and hands-on workshops for women and girls with an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).
    • Code Club is a nationwide network of volunteer-led after school coding clubs for children aged 9-11
    • The Manchester chapter of robogals a part of an international, student-run organisation that aims to increase female participation in Engineering, Science and Technology through fun and educational initiatives aimed at girls in primary and secondary school.
    • Manchester Coder Dojo a volunteer led community group for young people learning to code and make things hosted by the Sharp Project. According to the Manchester Evening News, the Manchester Coder Dojo is the biggest code club in the world
    • The Manchester Leadership Programme (MLP) is unique to the University of Manchester and provides students with the opportunity to enhance their university experience, while giving something back to the wider community.
    • Manchester Raspberry Jam is a monthly Raspberry Jam currently hosted by The Shed at MMU for enthusiasts of the Raspberry Pi computer

    This talk is part of COMP10120, though all students and staff etc are welcome. The Busy Worker Bee (top right) has been a motif for Manchester since the Industrial Revolution and this particular version is available on various merchandise from shop.visitmanchester.com

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