• Capture the Flag: a day of cybersecurity challenges with BAE systems, 14th Nov, Kilburn building

    Published: Monday, 09 November 2015

    Learn more about #Cybersecurity and Crypto

    BAE systems invite students at the University of Manchester to Capture the Flag a day of cybersecurity challenges in the Kilburn building from 10am on this Saturday 14th November in IT 407. This event will be of particular interest to students studying (or interested in) COMP38411 Cryptography and Network Security.

    Take part in challenges including web security, crypt-analysis, forensics, reverse engineering, shell coding, problem solving, packet analysis and hacking trivia.

    Develop your understanding of defensive programming, buffer overflows, SQL injections, program decompilation, data forensics, protocol analysis, advanced debugging and crypto limitations.

    Lunch will be provided with prizes for the winners. To enter email ctf@baesystems.com

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