• Morgan Stanley Guest Lecture: Break a Hacker's Mind, Web Application Vulnerabilities Exposed

    Published: Friday, 14 February 2014

    Special #COMP101 Guest lecture from a top International Investment Bank on Web security, Monday 17th February, 11am LT1.1

    Join us for a special interactive COMP101 guest lecture on Web Security with the Technology and Information Risk Group at Morgan Stanley.

    Together we will work through a web application which is riddled with the common issues through which banking applications can be compromised. We use this application internally to demonstrate to our development community how an attacker would exploit web vulnerabilities and to explain remediation strategies. This talk has also delivered this talk at industry forums, universities and even the House of Lords! Aldwin Saugere (IT Security Strategic Consulting EMEA Lead) will run this session.

    At MorganStanley.com, solving complex challenges and fuelling economic growth across continents is what we do. We offer you a structured path to success, providing you with the training, mobility and responsibility to make a real difference.

    CC-BY licensed image of Morgan Stanley Buildings in Canary Wharf, London by Jim Linwood.

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