• Meet the Computing Professionals: 21st November, 5 to 7.30pm, Kilburn building

    Published: Monday, 06 November 2017

    Speed network in Kilburn with alumni of the University

    Meet the Professionals is an opportunity to speed network with alumni of the University now working at ARM, PwC, TalkTalk, CACI Ltd, University of Manchester, Ivanti, BBC, Centrica, Cherry Stone Software, Bright Blue Consulting, BJSS, FDM, Marshall Wace Asset Management and d3t. See table below. Interested? Sign up at the registration page.  Alumni attending this time are shown below:

    • Software Engineer, Arm Holdings
    • Technology Risk Manager, PwC
    • Infrastructure Solution Design Lead, TalkTalk
    • Principal Consultant, CACI Ltd
    • Research Associate, The University of Manchester
    • Digital Product Owner, Sky
    • Senior Test Engineer, Ivanti
    • Senior Software Engineer, BBC
    • Head of Workflow Management, Centrica
    • Consultant Developer / Agile Methods , Cherry Stone Software
    • Analyst, Bright Blue Consulting
    • Manager, PwC
    • Consultant Software Engineer, BJSS
    • Chief Information Officer, FDM
    • Quantitative Developer, Marshall Wace Asset Management
    • Operations Director, d3t
    gravatar Duncan Hull
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