• Preparing yourself for the challenges of Software Development

    Published: Thursday, 28 November 2013

    Guest lecture from Craig Dean of Web Applications UK, Thursday 28th November, 11am LT1.1

    This talk will start with a discussion of work attitude and team working - challenges of entering the workplace and the importance of lifelong learning. It will also cover team working (pair programming and buddy programming), and collaboration tools, particularly issue tracking and source control. Finally, the talk will discuss some common methodologies (from the waterfall model to agile software development). The talk will also discuss what students should be doing now to prepare themselves for the challenges of work.

    Craig Dean is the Chief Executive of Web Applications UK Ltd, a leading developer of bespoke web based reservation applications for the travel industry based in Oldham. His company are one of the main sponsors of the annual Hack Manchester competition.

    This lecture is part of COMP101 and will be recorded for those that are unable to make it, all welcome.

    (image above of Hack Manchester taken from we code in peace)

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