• BAE CTF 2017 report

    Published: Saturday, 02 December 2017

    A day of cybersecurity challenges in the Kilburn building

    Congratulations to the winning teams from the University of Manchester who competed in the BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Capture the Flag event. 73 students turned up on the day, the best turnout we've ever had for CTF. The final rankings were:

    • 1st Crackchester – 5924 points
    • 2nd xn--3x7h – 5583 points
    • 3rd Snack_Attack – 4125 points

    We hope everybody enjoyed doing the challenges and improving their technical skills, using hex editors, Wireshark, Netcat and more. We expect the event to run again next year if you missed this years event, or want to do learn more and do even better next time around.

    Special thanks to the team from BAE System Applied Intelligence for putting on another great event, we look forward to seeing you again next year.

    gravatar Duncan Hull
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