Industrial Placements

We are always actively looking for companies who wish to take placement students for year-long and/or summer placements.

Industrial Placements Brochure

We offer a range of undergraduate courses which can be combined with industrial placements.

The School of Computer Science students have, since the inception of these courses, shown themselves to be outstanding in the workplace not only technically but also in their ability to contribute to the overall environment within the company. Recent innovations in teaching include a first year EBL (Enquiry Based Learning) group project, which has given the students a set of skills including effective team working, self-organisation and team management.

Industrial Placement Brochure (PDF)

BSc Programme

For the BSc it involves a placement/internship for a minimum of nine months (maximum 14 months) between the end of the second year of study and the start of the final year of study. Students have to be achieving at a second class or higher level academically to stay on these programmes. Students need to successfully complete their placement to be awarded the cachet of  ‘wIE’ (with Industrial Experience) at the end of their degree title.

MEng Programme

For the MEng programme a placement/internship is undertaken during the summer vacation between second and third year and third and final year. These placements will be for a minimum of eight weeks and maximum of twelve weeks. The placement between third and final year for these students carries credits towards their final degree. These credits are based on a manager's report, a student report and a seminar given by the student at the start of the final academic year.

Benefits to companies include:

  • Access to a top quality student.
  • The opportunity to trial a student with the view to graduate recruitment.
  • Quality students guaranteed: placement opportunities are only offered to students who attain a first or upper second class result.


We endeavour to finalise placement opportunities by Easter, ready for placements to commence in June or July. However we encourage companies to get in touch about placement opportunities at any time.

What our students are looking for:

Placements suitable for the majority of our programmes will involve some level of development work, hardware, software or application. We like the students to get an opportunity to see during the year how the development lifecycle works in the workplace and for most of them to get their hands dirty with 'real' coding.

We do, however, also have students on joint degree programmes with Maths and Business Management and these students may be looking for a different type of experience during their placement year.

How our students find placements:

Once a company sends us details of their placement scheme, we will advertise and promote this opportunity to our students.

The students make their own decisions about the companies to which they apply. They are encouraged to think about their own long term career aims when looking at the placement opportunities.

Our experience shows us that companies themselves are best placed to determine the type of student that will fit their environment. We therefore do not currently offer a pre-screening process, although all students released for placements will have achieved a minimum of a 2ii average in their first two years of study.

What can we do to help you recruit our students to your placement schemes?

  • We will make sure that any promotional material is delivered directly to each student on our programmes.
  • We can arrange facilities for you to give a presentation to the students to promote your company and scheme
  • We can collect together applications/CVs to send to you as a batch
  • We can arrange facilities for interviews, should you wish to carry out first cut interviews in Manchester
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