The School's strength in pushing the boundaries of technological change is evident in the success of its spin-off companies. The School has created eight successful spin-offs since 1996 and the benefits to the School are not limited to the individuals who created them. Many of our undergraduates work with these companies as part of their industrial placement year and an even greater number take up full time employment with them following graduation.

IBM - Transitive

The leader in providing solutions that allow the transportability of software applications across hardware platforms, Transitive has been acquired by IBM.


Silistix Limited

The company develops and distributes CHAINworks, a suite of software tools for the design and synthesis of customized on-chip interconnect using self-timed (clock-less) circuits.


Development of software that uses active shape modelling to facilitate the automated reading of digital images for clinical trials. The time-saving and reduced costs provided by this system for the analysis of medical imaging will be of major importance to the pharmaceutical industry.


Development of software for a face generator to provide true-to-life, digitally synthesized facial images for use in electronic and e-commerce markets, providing end users with the ability to manipulate these images in a variety of ways.

Cogniscience Limited

The commercial implementation of research work by Prof. Steve Furber's group on hardware support for large-scale neural nets.


Represents the success that can be achieved through collaboration between university companies and venture capitalists.


A Manchester Computer Science spin-off company that specialises in semantic metadata management technology, developing software solutions that enable knowledge representation within an organisation and across the web.


Assessment21 provides a suite of software tools for the setting, administration, taking and marking of virtually any type of assessment.

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