imorphics was formed in 2002 to exploit revolutionary image analysis technology developed at the Division of Imaging Science and Biomedical Engineering (ISBE), at the University of Manchester.

imorphics is focused exclusively on the medical and life sciences field, and brings together a team of advanced imaging scientists, with experienced business personnel to deliver new products which contribute significantly to the speed and accuracy of clinical trials and diagnosis. imorphics' technology is already in use in international clinical trials, and in both clinical and animal research projects. The company retains strong links with the academic team responsible for the development of statistical modelling, and frequently collaborates with them on academic and commercial projects. The company holds an exclusive licence for statistical modelling technology developed at ISBE.

imorphics technology is based around statistical techniques, which have proved to be effective in other areas such as industrial inspection, and data signal processing.

The basic method is to build models of the features which are of interest. A statistical model is a distillation of key visual features, such as shape and appearance, extracted from a series of examples.

The model is built automatically by the imorphics software and contains a summary of the key visual features and how much those features vary. Once the model is built it can be used in various ways as shown below:

  • Automatic segmentation
  • Object registration
  • Development of new biomarkers
  • Analysis of existing datasets

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