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Integration of Dynamic Documentation Knowledge Services into Siemens Framework (2006 – current)

  • PI (2012 – current): Dr Bijan Parsia
  • PI (2006 – 2012): Prof. Alan Rector

The Clinical Knowledge Management Research Team and Siemens Medical Solutions have an established collaboration to develop the next generation of context-sensitive clinical systems and associated knowledge management technologies.

The current generation of clinical systems are overly rigid, ignore context, and are difficult to configure to the requirements of different sites. Our goal is a major improvement in flexibility and ease of use for configuration engineers on the one hand, and for clinical end-users on the other.

The key part of the project is the Knowledge Management Environment (KME) and run-time services that use clinical knowledge to support end-user interfaces to be used in patient care. The aim and challenge is to build, integrate and manage knowledge resources that can be linked and used within KME. The core of our methodology is built around the Web Ontology Language (OWL) and related Semantic technologies. However, the broader environment is a hybrid of technologies combined in a service-oriented architecture. Initial versions of the Knowledge Management Environment and Run Time Environment have been designed and developed in the previous phase of the project.

The user interfaces and use of knowledge present major challenges. They must present novel approaches to clinician-authors in ways that that they find intuitive and familiar. The basic metaphor for both knowledge authors and clinical users is the familiar document outline. However, transparently to the user, we use OWL and other semantic technologies to underpin the document outline with semantics that allows us to manage context, merge content, and implement associations, and rules. Increasingly, data analytics, including text/association mining, statistics or probability modelling, may play a key role in knowledge acquisition.

Previous projects

  • PEN&PAD: clinical data entry system
  • GALEN: language independent concept representation systems
  • CO-ODE: development of Protégé-OWL ontology editor in collaboration with Stanford University
  • CLEF: Clinical E-Science Framework, in collaboration with the University of Sheffield
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