2001 seminars

Seminars from the academic year 2001.

Andrea 7 December Interleaving of strategies
Rosi 30 November Topological separation properties between T1 and T2
Harold 23 November Number structures and recursion
Matthew 1 October Topological modal duality
Nicola 26 September Sheaf models of set theories
Harold 18 September Sheafification
Harold 14 September $Omega$-sets
Harold 10 September Point-free sheaves
Harold 4 September Interaction of strategies in games (Martin Hyland)
Harold 30 August Point-sensitive sheaves

Prior to the summer of 2001 the MFG did not have its own set of webpages and the precise details of what seminars were held have been lost to memory. However, we can remember the main topics and so give a list below. Some of these topics took several weeks and were covered quite extensively. Here is the summary:

  • Frame / Locale Theory (Harold)
  • Categorical semantics of type theories (Harold)
  • Games semantics (Andrea)
  • Uniform type theories (Harold)
  • Induction and coinduction (Andrea)
  • The reals as a final coalgebra (Harold)
  • Glueing and applications (Andrea, Don)
  • Logical relations (Don)
  • Patch spaces (Rosi)
  • Domain theory (Andrea, Harold)
  • Semantics of PCF (David R)
  • Natural number objects and recursion (Harold)
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