2003 seminars

Seminars from the academic year 2003.

Harold 18 December The Christmas Oration
Don 11 December Universal properties and representables
David R 4 December Graphs and calculating with graphs
Rosi 27 November Faking it!
Chris 20 November Closed sets in formal topology [Postponed until 17.3.04]
Richard 13 November Abstract diagrams
JJ 6 November Petri nets
David L 30 October Exact real arithmetic
Harold 23 October Scatological Spaces
Andrea 16 October Categories with traces
Robin H 9 October Sequentially realisable functionals
Don 4 September Dealing with a threat of weapons
Harold 28 August Why some people can't count (Tiering without too many tears)
Don 21 August When Yoneda Kan Extension
Robin H 14 August Chu spaces and linear logic
Harold 7 August Quantales and linear logic
Andrea 31 July Coherence spaces and linear logic
Summer break
Don 19 June Introduction to 2-categories
Harold 5 June Categories of contexts
Harold 29 May Uniform type systems
Andrea 22 May What is a model of linear logic?
Harold 23 April Sup-completions of posets and Yoneda
Harold 16 April Second order lambda calculus
Moneesha 20 March A category of games
Andrea 13 March Merging sequences
Rosi 6 March A topological freak show
JJ 27 February Proof nets for (some of) Linear Logic
Harold 20 February ! What is Linear Logic ?
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