2004 seminars

Seminars from the academic year 2004.

JJ 15 December Topographical spaces
Don 8 December Wild west posets
Chris 1 December Introduction to constructive set theory
David R 24 November Formulating modal logic
Robin A 17 November Magical type theory
No seminar 
Andrea 3 November A new introduction to games
No seminar 
Robin H 20 October Monoidal categories demystified
Peter 13 October Dependently sorted logic: Why and What
Summer Break 
Robin H 08 July Coherence spaces and completions
Harold 1 July Informal ordinals
Harold 24 June Simple event structures and domains
Harold 17 June Prime event structures and morphisms
Harold 9 June Coverages for posets
Harold 3 June Event structures 3
Harold 27 May Lattice completions 2
Harold 19 May Event structures 2
Harold 13 May Closure operators and universal algebra
Harold 06 May Event structures 1
Harold 28 April Lattice completions 1
Easter Break 
Chris 24 March Formal topology with a binary positivity predicate 2
Chris 17 March Formal topology with a binary positivity predicate 1
Chris 11 March LaMpass afternoon
JJ 3 March Basic Petri Nets
Robin H 26 February Hypercoherences 2
Robin H 19 February Hypercoherences 1
Harold 12 February Ehrenfeucht-Fraïsse games
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