2005 seminars

Seminars from the academic year 2005.

Robin 14 December How to picture a proof
Harold and
Nicola Gambino
7 December Trees, fans, football, and freedom of choice
Yong 30 November Topological interpretation of intuitionistic logic
Hanne Gottliebsen 23 November A PVS implementation of stream calculus
Joao 16 November Regular logic
David L 9 November Differentiation -- in general
Harold and
David L
14 July A rational approach to enumeration
Robin H 5 July Profunctors and promonoidal categories
Peter 28 June A constructive version of the Lusin Separation Theorem
David R 21 June Navigating around trees and graphs
Nicola Gambino 14 June Algebraic set theory
Giovanni Curi
Chris Fox
7 June Effective topology via formal spaces
Frames, locales and formal closed subsets
JJ 31 May Capital spaces
Robin A 24 May Species and containers
Andrea Schalk 17 May Graph games and concrete data structures
Andrea Schalk 10 May Graph games done properly
Harold Simmons 3 May From Gödel's Theorem to topology, with some modal logic for softies
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