Interaction Analysis and Modelling (IAM) Usability Suite

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The Interaction Analysis and Modelling Usability Suite is specially equipped and designed for running user evaluations in a comfortable environment, including state of the art equipment:

  • High specification computing equipment runs both Windows and Linux operating systems, supporting all the major web browsers.
  • Tobii Eye Tracking provides an non-intrusive way of understanding where people are looking on desktop monitors, tablets, laptops and mobile devices.
  • Morae Recorder captures what’s happening on screen in the study room, along with participants’ comments and facial expressions.
  • Morae Observer allows the session to be viewed in real time from the observation room.
  • Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) measurement captures a person’s relative stress levels as they interact with software or web content. Combined with eye tracking, this can prove a valuable tool in identifying what hinders users the most when completing tasks on a Website.

The IAM Usability Suite works at the cutting edge of usability and accessibility research, with expertise in psychology and web technologies to find the best way to evaluate and improve a Web site.

We offer a number of services that can be booked together or separately, and tailored precisely to your needs. We can:

  • Recommend a study design based on your specific requirements.
  • Carry out the evaluation in a carefully controlled setting.
  • Analyse the results in detail, highlighting specific usability and accessibility problems, and providing solutions.
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