Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Giles Reger Lecturer Kilburn Building 
Dr Andrea Schalk Lecturer Kilburn Building - 2.34 
Dr Eva Navarro Lopez Lecturer/RCUK Academic Fellow 0161-2756209 Kilburn Building - 2.103 
Prof Allan Ramsay Professor Kilburn Building 
Prof Andrei Voronkov Professor Of Formal Methods 
Dr Renate Schmidt Reader 0161-2756163 Kilburn Building - 2.42 
Dr Konstantin Korovin Royal Society University Research Fellow Kilburn Building 
Dr Richard Banach Senior Lecturer Kilburn Building 
Dr Ian Pratt-Hartmann Senior Lecturer 0161-2756223 Kilburn Building - 2.38 
Dr David Rydeheard Visitor 0161-2756164 Kilburn Building - 2.111 
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