• New Winner of the ACM SIGCHI Social Impact Award Gives a School Seminar on Technology and the Maturi

    Published: Tuesday, 15 April 2008

    [image src="" alt="" class="left"]The new winner of the ACM SIGCHI Social Impact Award, Dr. Vicki Hanson, gives a school seminar on "Technology and the Maturing Workforce".

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    The new winner of the ACM SIGCHI Social Impact Award, Dr. Vicki Hanson, gives a school seminar on "Technology and the Maturing Workforce". The seminar, hosted by HCW lab, presents the impact of the retiring "baby boomer" generation and the corporate and societal impacts of such a shift. Based on that, the talk considers the implications of demographic shifts on the workforce and accessibility considerations for supporting older workers.

    Dr. Hanson has been involved in working with people with disabilities for 30 years. With this award, SIGCHI celebrates Dr. Hanson's work and its impact over nearly 30 years involving persons with disabilities. From 1978 to 1986, she conducted research in the areas of American Sign Language (ASL) and reading, first as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Laboratory of Language and Cognition at the Salk Institute and then as a Research Associate in the Reading Research Group at Haskins Laboratories. She joined the IBM Research Division in 1986 and currently manages the Accessibility Research group at IBM's T. J. Watson Research Center. Holding a doctorate in Cognitive Psychology, her primary research areas consist of computer usability, aging, web accessibility, and learning and cognitive disabilities. Through an Award from the Leverhulme Trust to the University of Dundee, she is serving as a Visiting Professor at the university during 2007-08, focusing her research on approaches to improving computer technology to make it more useful and usable for older adults.

    Dr. Hanson is Chair of ACM's Special Interest Group on Accessibility (SIGACCESS) and has chaired their ASSETS'02 conference on Assistive Technologies. She has received multiple awards from IBM for Outstanding Technical Achievement in the areas of education and accessibility and in 1992 was an award winner in the Johns Hopkins National Search for Computing to Assist Persons with Disabilities. She serves on Advisory Boards for universities and non-profit organizations in disability areas (AccessComputing Alliance, CAST, and the University of Colorado RERC for Advancement of Cognitive Technologies), and on government review panels in the U.S. and U.K. She is the founder and co-Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing, Associate Editor for Accessibility of ACM Transactions on the Web and has served as guest editor for several Special Issues on accessibility topics for journals. She was named ACM Fellow in 2004 for her contributions to computing technologies for people with disabilities.

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