• Paper accepted at W4A 2012

    Published: Wednesday, 04 April 2012

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    [image src="" alt="" class="right"] Paper entitled "Understanding Web Accessibility and Its Drivers" by Yeliz Yesilada, Giorgio Brajnik, Markel Vigo and Simon Harper has been accepted in W4A 2012 conference, which will be held in Lyon on the 16-17 of April, 2012. The paper describes the results of a survey where 300 people with interest in web accessibility gave their views on the topic "in an attempt to harmonise our understanding and support the expectations of users outside the community. We find that misunderstanding accessibility definitions, language, and terms might cause tension between different groups. That social, and not economic, aspects drive our perspectives of accessibility, and that definitions used by standards and regulatory bodies are most accepted ­ not those of individual experts. Forcing accessibility adoption does not encourage the acceptance of an accessibil­ ity ethos, but providing empirical evidence that accessibility bene­ fits all, does. Finally, realistic and concise language was preferred when attempting to communicate, or define accessibility." *The quoted text is from the abstract of the paper.
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