Outreach activities

The Interaction Analysis and Modelling Lab regards outreach activity as an essential part of its research. As such, the group as a whole, as well as individual members, participate in a number of outreach and dissemination activities. These include:

  • Conferences

    The Web Ergonomics Lab have been involved in the organisation of a number of Workshops, Conferences, and Panel Sessions. Some events have been one-year activities whilst for some conferences, the lab has a continuing involvement in the organisation and development of the conference series.

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  • Professional association memberships

    The Interaction Analysis and Modelling Lab are involved in a number of professional associations, organisations, and consortium’s, that bring together researchers and practitioners in the fields of hypertext, Web technologies, human factors, and accessibility.

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  • Collaboration

    Along with partners in both academia and industry, the Interaction Analysis and Modelling Lab is participating in a number of collaborations including Open Source Collaborations whereby tools and prototypes that are created as part of our research are made available to the wider community.

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  • The Lab in general

    A key strength in the Interaction Analysis and Modelling Lab is the willingness to share and disseminate knowledge and skills between its members. The Journal Paper Review Group is one such mechanism for sharing experience and information to students who are studying with the group.

    Further, the Human Factors Interest Group – now run by Manchester Informatics – is a University wide initiative – started by the Lab – on human factors constituted from people interested in the intersection between technology and people.

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  • Other outreach

    The Interaction Analysis and Modelling Lab is interested in training people in different aspects of Web research and have developed a series of undergraduate modules and conference tutorials. Further, we conduct a number of other outreach activities.

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