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Coordination Oriented Programming

  • Speaker:   Professor  David Robertson  (University of Edinburgh)
  • Host:   Uli Sattler
  • 5th October 2005 at 14:15 in 1.5
A challenge of large scale knowledge engineering is to coordinate component knowledge based systems that must interact in an open, distributed environment such as the Internet. This has emerged as a significant issue in topical areas of technology such as multi-agent systems and semantic webs. Traditionally the role of programming in this sort of coordination is concentrated within the components, with their interaction being controlled principally by adherence to languages of knowledge interchange. We describe a different style of programming, for which the focus is the interaction itself, and show how this allows us to tackle some of the key vulnerabilities in programming for an open environment (such as ontology matching and brokering) without extending demands on programming skills beyond those we would expect of a competent, modern knowledge engineer. If time allows, I also will summarise a collaborative European project soon to start in this area.
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