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The NAO humanoid robot for Research and Education

  • Speaker:   Aurea Sequeira  (
  • Host:   Toby Howard
  • 10th September 2012 at 14:00 in 2.15
NAO is a popular humanoid robot platform used in various Research and Education projects. The presentation will show NAO?s advanced capabilities and the tools available to easily work with it. We will also highlight some of the research projects using NAO. There are today over 2000 NAO humanoid robots in more than 350 of the most prestigious research institutes and universities. NAO is popular with Computer Science researchers and students because for the first time, a humanoid robot platform provides ease of access to high level interaction and behaviour control. NAO with its iconic figure and humanized motion range is also the preferred platform in research of human robot interaction.

See NAO in action at

During this session you will discover how the NAO State- of the-Art Robotics platform is used in Research and Higher Education. We will show the NAO platform software and hardware architecture, visual programming object-oriented environment used to create high level behaviors, practicing NAO behaviors in 3D simulation and presenting several magical interactive demos. We?ll highlight various applications in which the NAO is being used as a research platform.
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