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Robots in Our World: Uncertain, Incomplete and Unfamiliar

  • Speaker:   Professor  Jeremy Wyatt  (University of Birmingham)
  • Host:   Gavin Brown
  • 18th March 2015 at 14:00 in Kilburn L.T 1.4
To make transfer to applications in everyday domains robots require the ability to cope with novelty, incomplete information and uncertainty. In this talk I will describe a line of work carried out over ten years that provides methods to tackle this. In particular I will focus on two problems: object search and manipulation. Both require the ability to reason and learn in open or novel worlds. The results are demonstrated in a variety of robot systems: in particular the Dora and Boris robots. Dora is one of the first mobile robots able to plan in open worlds, using the notion of assumptions. Dora also uniquely attempts to explain and then verify explanations in the face of failure. Boris is a robot system for manipulation that learns to grasp novel objects from a very small number of example grasps.
Jeremy L Wyatt is Professor of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Birmingham. He gained his PhD from Edinburgh in 1996. He has published 90 papers, been the recipient of two best paper awards, and has led a variety of international robotics projects. He is interested in particular in robot planning and learning.)
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