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Humans, heuristics and voluntary hibernation - How Social Engineering can still break security in the cyber age, and why you should care

  • Speaker:   Ms  Jenny Radcliffe  (Jenny Radcliffe Training)
  • Host:   Daniel Dresner
  • 7th October 2015 at 14:00 in Kilburn L.T. 1.4
Jenny Radcliffe (of is a much sought after Psychological Pen-tester, Social Engineer, involved in Deception Detection, Non-Verbal Communication, Negotiations, and Security. It's been no easy task to get her to the School hence the late notice. As an ethical social engineer, Jenny has hacked into client organisations including major corporates, nuclear facilities and the Tower of London. Whilst we design chips to handle data safely, Jenny tests the safeguards with a bag of chips for the operators and anyone else in the chain of vulnerabilities which expose organisations long before the tech has booted up. As organisations continue to improve IT and physical security technologies, criminals increasingly focus on the human factors. Social engineering or people hacking uses cons, tricks and scams for theft, industrial espionage and malicious disruption. Every organisation is at risk and every individual can be a target. Combating insider threats needs the marriage of supporting technologies and psychological factors. Understand what we have to program against!
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