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Distributed reconfigurable computing challenges

  • Speaker:   Mr  Rieny Rijnen  (Topic Embedded Systems)
  • Host:   Dirk Koch
  • 17th December 2015 at 14:00 in Kilburn L.T. 1.4
The world of FPGA design is changing rapidly. Programming random logic functionality using RTL HDL descriptions is no longer giving the productivity and flexibility you need. Therefore other programming methods have to be in place. And even more important: more and more software developers want and should be able to make use of FPGA technology. Why use GPUs when FPGAs give you much more flexibility, computational power and less power consumption?

With hardware (Miami System-on-Modules) and software products like Dyplo (Dynamic Process Loader) Topic is addressing the programming of distributed reconfigurable embedded platform, including FPGA devices. This gives rise to significant challenges in the area of programming methodology, FPGA infrastructure, use of partial reconfiguration technology, high-level synthesis from C/C++ code or other programming languages to an HDL as well as domain specific issues regarding fault-tolerant computing, certification and dedicated IP blocks.

With this presentation we want to involve you with the issues we are facing as a company and how we can work together addressing these. We are looking for common interest in the research conducted at the University of Manchester and the research questions we have realizing the future functionality of our products. Are you interested in getting involved in research that has relevance in both the scientific and real world, join us during this presentation and discuss with us the opportunities you see.
Rieny Rijnen is CEO and founder of Topic Embedded Systems. He has a background in embedded system development in a broad application range in many different market segments. In his role as managing director of different larger and medium sized companies, operating at international level, he gained broad experience identifying market requirements in terms of technology, design methods and skills development. This expertise drives the competences of Topic Embedded Systems and its customers. He is currently mainly focused on the expansion of the products portfolio of Topic Embedded Products as well as the setup of a world-wide sales organisation. As part of realizing this, collaboration is sought with reknown universities and research institutes for supporting the underlaying technologies.)
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