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Ontologies and the Semantic Web

  • Speaker:   Prof  Ian Horrocks  (University of Manchester)
  • Host:   Ian Pratt-Hartmann
  • 27th September 2006 at 14:15 in 1.5
The World Wide Web is phenomenally successful, and has made an unprecedented range of information and services available to an unprecedented number of users, but there is an urgent need for more intelligent applications that can better exploit these resources and prevent users being overwhelmed by their sheer volume. The goal of Semantic Web research is to facilitate the development of such applications by transforming the Web from a linked document repository into a distributed knowledge base and application platform. Ontologies will play a key role in this transformation by capturing knowledge that will enable applications to better understand Web accessible resources, and to use them more intelligently. This talk will introduce the Semantic Web, and show how basic research in knowledge representation and reasoning has contributed to the design of OWL, a Semantic Web ontology language developed by the World Wide Web Consortium; it will also explore the impact that Semantic Web research is having in areas as diverse as medicine, genomics, earth sciences, agriculture, fisheries and manufacturing.
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