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Challenges of Managing Large-Scale Scientific Workflows in Distributed Environments

  • Speaker:   Dr  Ewa Deelman  (USC Information Sciences Institute)
  • Host:   Rizos Sakellariou
  • 18th October 2006 at 14:15 in 1.5
Recently, workflows have emerged as a paradigm for conducting large-scale scientific analyses. The structure of a workflow specifies what analysis routines need to be executed, the data flow amongst them, and relevant execution details. These workflows often need to be executed in distributed environments, where data sources may be available in different physical locations and the processing steps may have different execution requirements. Workflows help manage the coordinated execution of related tasks. They also provide a systematic way to capture scientific methodology and provide provenance information for their results. Scientists in many disciplines are approaching data volumes and resource sharing facilities that would enable a new stage in scientific discovery.

Although many advances have been made to enable scientists to efficiently and easily use workflow technologies, many challenges remain. Based on our experiences in generating and managing workflows with thousands of tasks that execute over 1.8 CPU/years and process approximately 10 TB of data, this talk will describe open research problems in workflow management. We will explore the challenges from the perspective of workflow creation, compilation and execution and describe advances in each area.
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