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An Algebraic and Graphical Calculus for Quantum Processes or Information is Physical, but Physics is Logical

  • Speaker:   Professor  Samson Abramsky  (Oxford University)
  • Host:   Andrea Schalk
  • 26th October 2005 at 14:15 in 1.5
Quantum Informatics raises fascinating new issues and possibilities. This is not just a game for Physicists -- Computer Scientists should get involved too! In particular, there is the same need for high-level methods, tools and notations in quantum informatics as in classical computing.

I shall describe a cateogorical axiomatics for quantum mechanics I have recently developed with Bob Coecke, which yields an effective approach to modelling and reasoning about both quantum and classical information flows in entangled quantum systems. There are also strong links to recent work both in Theoretical Computer Science (Linear Logic, Geometry of Interaction, Traced Monoidal Categories), and also in Mathematics and Mathematical Physics (Jones polynomial, Temperley-Lieb algebra). The talk will *not* assume familiarity with any of these topics! We will aim to convey the essence of the ideas by using a *graphical calculus* which presents the algebraic ideas in an intuitive and visually appealing fashion.
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