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Metaphors and Knowledge Modeling

  • Speaker:   Professor  Peter J Nurnberg  (Aalborg University Esbjerg, Denmark)
  • Host:   Simon Harper
  • 2nd November 2005 at 14:15 in 1.5
Early experiences with new technologies often reveal an initial predisposition to reuse metaphors based in existing technologies: IT technologies have been no exception. Even terms as innocuous as web page evidence our current inability to leverage the new possibilities afforded us by new media. Understanding technologies can only be done properly by assessing their affordances and context.

Electronic publishing, from the academic field to the commercial field, is still heavily dependent upon traditional notions of author, publisher, editor, and reader. The affordances of media-relevant technologies such as weblogging imply rethinking these roles. For example, enabling production and distribution at extremely low-costs compared to traditional paper-based media challenge traditional notions of publisher.

In such an environment, people have found success in focusing on information analysis instead of information delivery. Successful information analysis, in turn, requires sophisticated knowledge modeling tools and environments. Technologies such as hypermedia have been very successful in enabling complex knowledge modeling tasks, from intelligence analysis to workflow management.

In this talk, we will examine new metaphors for representing several new information technologies, as well as the opportunities implied by these metaphors. We will go on to explore how hypermedia and other related knowledge modeling technologies can help media companies position themselves as leaders in the new markets created by these opportunities.

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