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Perception-oriented Rendering

  • Speaker:   Dr  Karol Myszkowski  (Max Planck Institute for Informatics)
  • Host:   Mashhuda Glencross
  • 13th May 2009 at 14:15 in Lecture Theatre 1.4, Kilburn Building
The knowledge of human visual system (HVS) enables more efficient image rendering by focusing the computation on visible scene details and by overcoming physical constraints of display devices. This talk presents a number of successful examples of embedding HVS models into real-time rendering pipelines. In particular, Karol Myszkowski showcases the problem of improving the appearance of highlights and light sources by boosting their apparent brightness using the temporal glare technique. Also, the lecturer shows how to overcome physical contrast limitations of display devices by using the 3D unsharp masking technique to boost the apparent contrast. Finally, Karol presents the Render2MPEG approach in which the rendering quality is strictly aligned with the distribution of quantization error over the streamed video and adapts to given bandwidth parameters.
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