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Dynamics of Complex Networks: Growth and Consensus

  • Speaker:   Dr  Juan Barajas-Ramirez  (IPICYT Research Center)
  • Host:   Eva Navarro-Lopez
  • 15th July 2009 at 14:15 in Lecture Theatre 1.4, Kilburn Building
Empirical studies have shown that many real-world complex systems can be represented as networks, with nodes representing functional units, and links describing the interactions between them. Most real-world complex networks share some basic topological features, like the small-world and scale-free effects. Different models have been proposed to capture these key features in simple algorithms of constructions. In this sense, an interesting question that arises as one models how the features of a network change as networks grow. On the other hand, the main motivation for the structural analysis of real-world complex networks is to answer, how the topological features affect their dynamical behavior? A particularly significant aspect of this question is to determine under what conditions a network of dynamical system synchronizes. In this talk we present a general overview of these two aspects of dynamical network analysis, the modeling of network growth and the emergence of synchronization. Then, we discuss how these theoretical framework can be related to the consensus problem on multi-agent systems where the number of agents is not fixed and the structure of their communication has a complex topology.
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