Our seminar series is free and available for anyone to attend. Unless otherwise stated, seminars take place on Wednesday afternoons at 2pm in the Kilburn Building during teaching season.

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Quality of Life Technology for the Aurally Challenged and for the Elderly

  • Speaker:   Prof  Jong Park  (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
  • Host:   Goran Nenadic
  • 24th November 2010 at 14:15 in Lecture Theatre 1.4, Kilburn Building
Textual and spoken information is much widespread and ever expanding, but the consequent information divide is also quite serious, especially if we are challenged. We must also face it sooner or later as we age, though the precise nature of how well we adapt to this changing situation depends on the individual severity of declining brain functions with age, possibly coupled with symptoms such as dementia.

In the first part of my seminar, I will introduce our on-going effort for the linguistic analysis and computational generation of sign language expressions for the aurally challenged. In the second part, I will describe our team effort to assess and help patients with declining brain functions by a synergistic and clinical integration of multiple-modal techniques, such as computational geometry, natural language processing, virtual reality and computer haptics, as members of a recently founded Systems Biomedical Research Centre, where I work as a group leader. Time permitting, I will prelude the second part of my talk briefly with descriptions of our past and on-going work on biomedical text mining and management.
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