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Web sensing for real time disaster detection and tracking

  • Speaker:   Prof  Nigel Collier  (National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo)
  • Host:   Goran Nenadic
  • 10th June 2011 at 14:15 in Atlas 1, Kilburn Building
Accurate and timely detection of public health disasters such as the spread of infectious diseases and chemical contamination are necessary to help support risk assessment and ultimately to save lives and livelihoods. In this talk I will present progress on the JST funded BioCaster project. BioCaster exploits high throughput biomedical text mining from global news media to detect norm violations in near real time. Additionally, I will discuss our recent investigation into tracking syndromic trends from user generated content in the DIZIE project and show how social media can complement news events in both spatial and temporal resolution. Early results for DIZIE illustrate how selected features are highly correlated with laboratory data for influenza. Ongoing challenges will also be discussed including: (1) bridging the gap between laymen's and expert's terminology, (2) integrating evidence across documents and information spaces, and (3) providing realistic benchmarks.
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