Linux workshops


Dates October TBC. TBC.   January TBC. TBC. TBC. Workshops will be available in the new school year and you will be able to register on-line. 
Time 13:00 - 16:00
Location The School of Computer Science, Kilburn Building, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL (no. 39 on the Campus Map)
Capacity Around 40 delegates including students and teachers, limited to 20 spaces per school/college. If your group exceeds 20 please contact us and we will work out a solution

Most 6th form computing students have heard of Linux, many have tried it a bit, some significantly more, but few have been exposed to its true power. Meanwhile computing syllabi teach about command line interfaces, often portraying them as old fashioned or a fall-back for when resources are scarce. In truth the Linux/UNIX Command Line Interface is not merely an arcane relic, but a liberating and empowering environment for clever users, and is likely to remain so forever.

Our Linux workshops offer hands-on tasters designed to inspire students who might never otherwise have the opportunity to feel that power - a truly mind broadening experience.

The workshop is led by Dr. John Latham, a java programming specialist and Linux user and enthusiast. Workshop details

  • Delegates will undertake a number of tasks including:
  • Sending an email to all other delegates, without using an email client or web browser, nor having to type their addresses.
  • Developing a shell pipeline designed to count the different words in an essay, and storing this in a script for future use.
  • Obtaining information from the web without using a web browser.
  • Producing documents via the LaTeX document system, including ones generated by a script.
  • Building a web site of photos, including the task of renaming a huge number of image files systematically without needing to deal with them one at time.

Delegates will work in one of our Linux Computer laboratories, following a script and will be assisted as required by postgraduate demonstrators and staff from the School and IBM. Teachers, especially computing and maths teachers, are more than welcome to take part.


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