Activity Days (University on-site visits)

Discover Computer Science Days

Computer science is an intellectually stimulating subject because it continues to change the world we live in and lies at the heart of organisations across all industrial sectors. Our graduates are equipped to support and develop these systems and whilst the requirement for graduates with the skills to work in this field is continuing to grow, the actual supply of graduates with the skills is dropping worldwide.

Computer scientists are ‘puzzle solvers’, taking the most complex situations and finding and developing solutions. Almost every major challenge in the world turns to the use of computer science to solve problems; from medical research, education, supporting aid work in disaster areas, helping to create a sustainable environment, the logistics of moving products around the world, to the world of business and securing and managing the vast levels of data through visualisation, security and transmission; not to mention the world of media.

This Discover Day* is designed for students interested in undertaking a degree course in Computer Science, giving them a chance to experience our teaching, explore the University campus and School of Computer Science facilities, plus meet and talk to current students.

*As Computer Science at The University of Manchester is a mathematical programming degree course, and the majority of these courses require an A-level in Mathematics, this day is best suited to students studying this qualification.

The Discover Day really provided me with an insight into life at university, studying Computer Science. I gained lots of new knowledge to help me progress to my goal of studying a degree in this area.

The class were firstly given a fascinating insight into how Computer Science was being used to help out in the field of lost limbs, followed by a workshop provided by a third year university student into data structures. I hope the day has given our students a small taste of what life could be like for them and inspired them to consider such an interesting and exciting subject.

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Explore Days - Year 9s

Explore Days are targeted for Year 9 students, to help promote the option of choosing Computer Science at GCSE and at A-level.

The day involves work shops delivered by Student Ambassadors and Computing At School Staff. Past workshops have included 

    • NAO Robots
    • Minecraft
    • Sonic Pi
    • Virtual Reality

Places are usually limited to 5 places per School. For more information on Explore Days please contact:

Ada Lovelace Days (Years 7, 8 & 9)

Ada Lovelace Days are special computing engagement events for female pupils only from years 7, 8 and 9 to help highlight the subject area of Computer Science to young girls.

Pupils will have the opportunity to try a number of different computer science workshops (still to be confirmed) and teachers will have the opportunity to network and explore how to develop different ideas when teaching.

Places are usually limited to 10 places per School. Pupils and staff will be required to arrange transportation and to bring their own lunch.

For more information on Ada Lovelace Days please contact:

British Science Week

Each year in March the School of Computer Science takes part British Science Week exhibition in the Sackville Street Building.

BBC Laura PresentationThe event is open to students from Year 7-9, book place by emailing

Science Spectacular

Science Spectacular is an event run by the University's public engagement team and the School has been present the last 3 years.

Find out when the next Science Spectacular is and take a look at our photo gallery for more info!


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