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    Published: Thursday, 16 August 2018

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    Volunteers to Test Research Data Storage

    IT Services are exploring how they can improve access to data storage and are asking for PGRs to volunteer to test Office 365.

    By volunteering you will be:

    ·         Given access to 1TB of OneDrive storage and will have your computer upgraded to Windows 10.

    ·         During the month of October asked to use Office 365 as part of your daily activity and specifically to test the data storage element of Office 365.

    ·         Expected to provide constructive feedback on the system, highlighting what works and what doesn’t work.


    If you are interested in taking part please email claire.faichnie@manchester.ac.uk by Monday 3 September.

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    PGR Life Website: PGR Voices

    Do you want to get your voice heard by other PGRs at Manchester?

    If you blog, tweet, have a FB group, Instagram account or use any other online channel to communicate about topics of interest to other University of Manchester PGRs, we can help you get your views heard across our PGR community. Just send details to elizabeth.wilkinson@manchester.ac.uk and we’ll review it for inclusion in the new PGR Life website, launching in late September.


    Also, if you’d like to be involved in helping develop this site beyond September, get in touch – your views are crucial!



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    student recruit participants for a study

    Looking for young British, Chinese and Turkish people to help with research: £10 Amazon gift vouchers to be won for 15 minutes work with a website


    Researchers at the University of York are looking for British, Chinese and Turkish people aged between 18 and 30 to help with a research study about aspects of websites.  We need people to do a simple task with a website and then answer some questions about their impressions of it.  It takes about 15 minutes, you can do it online whenever is convenient for you (the only requirement is you need to do it on a device with a fairly large screen, a very small smartphone won’t be good) .  We will enter everyone who does the study into a prize draw for one of 10 Amazon gift vouchers, worth £10 each.  You can access the study at:




    If you have any questions or comments about the study, please contact Ayse Ozer (ao779@york.ac.uk ) or Helen Petrie (helen.petrie@york.ac.uk). This study has been approved by the Physical Sciences Ethics Committee at the University of York.


    gravatar Susannah Hymas

    gravatar Susannah Hymas
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