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    Published: Thursday, 13 September 2018

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    Dropbox are changing the requirements for what file systems are supported

    Dear all,

    [Please stop reading unless you are interested in Dropbox under Linux.]
    Dropbox are changing the requirements for what filesystems are supported. Changes will take affect from 7/11/2018, and if you don't meet their new conditions the Dropbox client will stop working.
    Summary of the new conditions:
    a) applies to all environments: Dropbox will NOT support a non-native to the OS filesystem - this typically impacts people who dual boot and have a common dropbox on say a FAT32 or NTFS partition.
    b) MAJOR Linux change: Dropbox will ONLY support the ext4 filesystem. Relatedly, the only type of encryption allowed is full disk (NOT home directory).
    Full details here: https://www.dropbox.com/help/desktop-web/system-requirements
    ***** I am interested in hearing from people in the School impacted by this using UoM's Dropbox Business account/service.
    (You are on your own with personal/private accounts, sorry.)
    I will liaise with IT Services: they will likely soon know who is impacted and make contact.
    Ian Cottam  | Technical Support Manager | School of Computer Science  | LF24 Kilburn Building  |  The University of Manchester  |  M13 9PL  | +44(0)161 306 1851
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    Taking care of your wellbeing

    The University has a wealth of resources, support and advice on wellbeing issues for postgraduate researchers ranging from online resources on reducing stress and tension through to talking to counsellors at times of greater need. These resources and support are there for you to use – if you feel well, you will do well.

    We are always looking at ways to improve and the University will be working on a project over the next 18 months which will aim to identify ways to improve the provision and support for the wellbeing and mental health of our postgraduate researchers.

    We need PGRs to be closely involved and inform the work and outcomes of the project so over the next few months we will be asking you to join group discussions and provide us with your ideas and opinions on wellbeing and mental health. If you would like to be updated as the project develops and join one of our group discussions please contact claire.faichnie@manchester.ac.uk.

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    Open Con sponsored place

    Dear all,


    This is a reminder about the Library-sponsored place to OpenCon 2018 in Toronto, from 2nd - 4th November.  If you’re a PhD student or early career researcher with a passion for Open Research, there is still time for you to apply! The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Thursday 20th September.   


    Organised by SPARC, the Right to Research Coalition and a global conference committee, OpenCon encourages the exploration of opportunities to advance Open Access and Open Data in a positive and supportive environment (see Code of Conduct). This is a great opportunity to learn more about Open Research issues, develop critical skills, contribute to collaborative projects and meet members of a growing global community advocating for a more open system of sharing the world’s information.


    The travel scholarship covers the cost of the registration fee, flight and shared accommodation. The University Library will reimburse the cost of sundries not covered by the scholarship.  In return we’ll ask the successful applicant to contribute to one of the Library’s upcoming Open Research Forum events and write up their conference experience in a short report for our Library Research Plus blog.


    To apply, please complete the application form available via https://apply.opencon2018.org/referral/uomlibrary telling us:

    • Why you’re interested in Open Access and/or Open Data
    • How these issues relate to your work
    • Your ideas for taking action on these issues, and how you would use your OpenCon experience to have an impact
    • Your participation (past or planned) in global Open Research events


    Selection will be based on demonstration of active engagement with the Open Research agenda. The Scholarly Communications team will review applications and contact all candidates by the end of September.


    For inspiration and info, check out our blog posts on experiences of OpenCon 2017, from the perspective of the winner of last year’s sponsored place, Astronomy Open Science Champion Rachael Ainsworth, and our Research Data Librarian Rosie Higman.


    Good luck!


    Best wishes





    Gemma Smith I Academic Engagement Librarian I The University of Manchester LibraryI Main Library I University of Manchester I Tel +44 (0)161 275 6502 I Email: gemma.smith-3@manchester.ac.uk I

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    gravatar Susannah Hymas
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