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    Published: Thursday, 27 September 2018

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    LF17 is now the PGR Coffee / Breakout Room

    LF17 is now the PGR Coffee / Breakout Room - this means that it is open to everyone to use - PhD CDT and EngD students  in years 1-4 can all use this room for coffee water, chilling out, watching TV (soon to have an AppleTV) and use for event nights!


    LF17 is on a swipe and your cards should work - but if not just get them added at SSO.


    Simon Harper

    Enjoy your year safely

    We want all of you to enjoy every aspect of your student life here at Manchester and that includes keeping you and your belongings safe. Unfortunately - at this time of year especially - criminals see lots of new people with expensive equipment, entering a city which they may be unfamiliar with, as an opportunity to catch them off guard and take a laptop or a phone. Please don’t let that be you.


    Keep your bag with you at all times and try not to have expensive items on view, especially when walking in the street. Remember to keep yourself safe too by staying in groups when out and about the city, plus secure your home by keepings windows shut and valuables out of sight.

    Simon Harper

    [ top ]Professional Development (and Networks)

    PDRA Job Vacancy - Accessible Computing, Pervasive Healthcare, and Usable Privacy

    Job Post:
    Application Deadline: 
    13th of November (requires PhD equivalence or recognition document)
    Start Date:
    1st of December, 2018
    Our group has a focus on Accessible Computing, Pervasive Healthcare, and Usable Privacy. This job post is associated with project mIDR, a usable privacy project, but the focus of the researcher can balance between projects within the group. It has the duration of up to 30 months.  
    Selected Group Publications (see more at https://tjvguerreiro.github.io/publications/):
    1. [USEC] Marques, Diogo, Ildar Muslukhov, Tiago Guerreiro, Luís Carriço, and Konstantin Beznosov. "Snooping on mobile phones: Prevalence and trends." In Twelfth Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS 2016), vol. 2, p. 77. 2016. 
    2. [USEC] Usmani, Wali Ahmed, Diogo Marques, Ivan Beschastnikh, Konstantin Beznosov, Tiago Guerreiro, and Luís Carriço. "Characterizing social insider attacks on Facebook." In Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pp. 3810-3820. ACM, 2017
    3. [ACCESSIBILITY] Bonani, Mayara, Raquel Oliveira, Filipa Correia, André Rodrigues, Tiago Guerreiro, and Ana Paiva. "What My Eyes Can’t See, A Robot Can Show Me: Exploring the Collaboration Between Blind People and Robots". To Appear in ASSETS 2018. 
    4. [ACCESSIBILITY] Trindade, Daniel, André Rodrigues, Tiago Guerreiro, and Hugo Nicolau. "Hybrid-Brailler: Combining Physical and Gestural Interaction for Mobile Braille Input and Editing." In Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, p. 27. ACM, 2018.
    5. [HEALTHCARE] Alves, Sérgio, Filipa Brito, Andreia Cordeiro, Luis Carriço, and Tiago Guerreiro. "Enabling Biographical Cognitive Stimulation for People with Dementia." In Extended Abstracts of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, p. LBW045. ACM, 2018. 
    Simon Harper

    Code Club - Facilitators

    Code Club, which the Library runs every Thursday throughout term time 4-6pm at the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons.

    Code Club are informal sessions (snacks provided) where students from all disciplines and with varying levels of skill can come and work through coding tutorials to improve their coding skills and knowledge. The sessions are a great way for students to work collaboratively on coding projects or simply to up skill their individual knowledge and expertise.

    The feedback from students has been really positive: “Code Club staff / volunteers were priceless, they were friendly and extremely helpful... they were wonderful people, always encouraging and genuine.”

    The sessions work on the basis that we have a number of facilitators who are on hand to help students through the tutorials; working with them to spot coding errors and remedy them. Facilitators don’t have to have any prior teaching experience and they don’t have to be an expert in all coding languages; if you can write and understand code to any level then you would be a really welcome addition to the sessions.

    Facilitators don’t have to attend every week, just as much time as they can spare. It would be a useful addition for many to add to their CV. It is also a great way to network and socialise with students across different disciplines.

    If you fancy facilitating, please contact: Carlene Barton


    Simon Harper

    Winter Data Science Fellowship Opportunity

    The Data Incubator is an intensive 8 week fellowship that prepares masters students, PhDs, and postdocs in STEM and social science fields seeking industry careers as data scientists. The program is free for Fellows and supported by sponsorships from hundreds of employers across multiple industries. In response to the overwhelming interest in our earlier sessions, we will be holding another fellowship.

    Who Should Apply: Anyone who has already obtained a masters or PhD degree or who is within one year of graduating with a masters or PhD is welcome to apply. Applications from international students are welcome. Everyone else is encouraged to sign-up for a future session.

    Locations: In addition to the below in-person locations, we will have a remote online session:

    • New York City
    • San Francisco Bay Area
    • Boston
    • Washington, DC.

    Dates: All sections will be from 2019-01-07 to 2019-03-01.

    Application Link: https://www.thedataincubator.com/fellowship.html?ch=rec&ref=r2dac7e844307

    Data Science in 30 minutes: Learn how to build a data-science project in our upcoming free Data Science in 30-minutes webcast. Signup soon as space is limited.

    Learn More: You can learn about our fellows at The New York Times, LinkedIn, Amazon, Capital One, or Palantir. To read about our latest fellow alumni, check out our blog. To learn more about The Data Incubator, check us out on Venture Beat, The Next Web, or Harvard Business Review.

    Simon Harper

    Welcome Week Academic Writing

    Welcome Week Academic Writing materials can be found at: http://studentnet.cs.manchester.ac.uk/pgr/syllabus.php

    along with our other PGR syllabus and course unit material.

    Simon Harper

    [ top ]Wider Research Community

    London Hopper Colloquium

    Registration is now open for the annual London Hopper Colloquium and Karen Spärck Jones Lecture, which will take place on Thursday, 18 October 2018 at the BCS headquarters in London.
    The London Hopper Colloquium is a one-day event featuring women from academia and industry about their research in the field of Computer Science. There will also be a Research Spotlight competition open to all  female postgraduate students, providing a fantastic opportunity to present their research, share knowledge and network with other early-career researchers in the field of Computing.
    Further information on the Research Spotlight Competition can be found here.
    Tickets are *FREE* but must be booked in advance. The event booking page can be found here.
    -> Deadline for submission of abstracts : 5pm, October 8th, 2018
    -> Notification sent by: 5pm, October 10th, 2018
    -> Deadline for submission of 4 powerpoint slides: 9am, October 15th, 2018 

    The London Hopper and Karen Spärck Jones Lecture take place with support from University College London, the BCS Academy of Computing and IBM.

    For further information, please visit the London Hopper website or contact UCL Computer Science Comms team via computerscience.comms@ucl.ac.uk.

    Simon Harper

    [ top ]Industrial Placements and Interships

    Kennedy Scholarships and Frank Knox Fellowships 2019-20


    Please see information below on Kennedy Scholarships and Frank Knox Fellowships available for 2019-20

    Susannah Hymas

    [ top ]Notes from the Advisors

    Volunteering Opportunities

    There is a wide range of opportunities (unpaid and paid) to get involved in volunteering for outreach activities. It is great fun, hugely worthwhile, great for your CV, and recognised by the School and University. Additionally, if you wish to be selected for our next visit to Africa, Project Malawi, you will need to show that you are involved in outreach activities. Register to get on the mailing list. We will be holding an initial meeting at 14:00 on Wednesday 3rd October in IT 407. Any questions, contact me

    Giles Reger

    [ top ]Someone to Talk With

    Settling In

    University is an exciting time in your life – a new city, new friends and new responsibilities. It’s a huge change in a short space of time and for a lot of students it’s the first time living away from home.  All of this means it can often feel difficult to settle in to your new surroundings. Homesickness or nerves about getting to grips with University life is something a lot of students go through – so you aren’t alone. Whether you’re from the UK or beyond, there are plenty of things you can do to feel right at home in Manchester.

    Find out more at: http://www.studentsupport.manchester.ac.uk/taking-care/imworriedabout/settlingin/

    Simon Harper

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