• Reminder: Nominations for Undergraduate Staff Student Committee (SSC)

    Published: Tuesday, 27 September 2016

    Please consider nominating yourself for the Undergraduate Staff Student Committee!

    Just a reminder that the deadline for SSC nominations is Monday 3rd October. 

    So far I've had 12 students nominate themselves across all years - thank you. However, I need more nominations from all years (particularly 3rd years), so please consider nominating yourself! 





    Nominations for student representatives on the Undergraduate Staff Student Committee (SSC) are now open!

    If you are interested in being a student rep then please email me (p.nutter@manchester.ac.uk) by noon (12 o’clock midday) Monday 3rd October. Please include a brief statement (up to 50 words) outlining why you feel you would make a good student rep.

    We need reps from ALL undergraduate years (inc MEng) and degree programmes, and we will be looking to appoint the following numbers of reps from each year:

    Year 1: 8
    Year 2: 7
    Year 3: 6
    Year 4: 1

    Regardless of the number of nominations received, once the nomination process has closed a ballot will be held (via Blackboard) where the nominees, along with their statements, will be published. You will then be allowed to vote for your preferred rep. Further information on the ballot will be sent out nearer the time.

    The ballot will close at noon (12 o’clock) Friday 14th October. SSC reps will be announced shortly after the ballot closes. Only those reps that receive a vote will be appointed to SSC and in the case of the number of nominations being greater than the number of reps required, we will assign reps according to the number of votes received.

    Please consider standing for the committee. The School wants to hear YOUR views, and being a member of committee offers YOU the opportunity to influence how the School is run.

    Please feel free to contact me (p.nutter@manchester.ac.uk) if you have any questions.

    Further information can be found at the and of this email.

    Best Regards



    Further information:

    What is the SSC?

    The Staff Student Committee (SSC) is a committee consisting of staff and students from the School that exists to allow students to make their views known to the School, and for the School to learn at first hand what the students feel about the way the School is run. Students are elected on to the committee by the student body and their role is to report issues/concerns/commetns/suggestions from the student body (which should happen throughout the year). The committee meets informally twice a semester to review the problems raised and the action taken, with a pizza lunch provided.

    More information about being a SSC rep can be found on the School studentnet: http://studentnet.cs.manchester.ac.uk/student-services/studentreps.php

    What will I have to do as a rep?

    Be there for the student body. Listen to comments and suggestions and relay them to the school. We would like this process to happen continuously throughout the year, with a minimum of two informal refection meetings twice a semester where a pizza lunch will be provided.

    Timetable for nominations

    • Nominations close noon (12 o’clock midday) Monday 3rd October
    • Ballot runs in Blackboard from Monday 3rd October to noon (12 o’clock midday) Friday 14th October.
    • Reps announced later on Friday 14th October
    • Rep training Wednesday 19th October @ 2pm in LF15

    What training will I receive?

    Rep training will be provided by the Students’ Union and will take place on Wednesday 19th October @ 2pm, IT407. It is important that all appointed reps attend this session.

    All reps will also be required to complete on-line training (see http://studentnet.cs.manchester.ac.uk/student-services/studentreps.php) so that your volunteering as a Student Representative counts towards your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) certificate.

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