• Welcome to all our new students!

    Published: Friday, 30 September 2016

    A big welcome, and welcome back, to all our new and returning students!

     It’s the start of a new semester and last week we welcomed our 2016 cohort to the school.

    Over 270 Undergrad 1st years have joined us this year from all over the world, and with a packed Welcome Week schedule, they’ve really hit the ground running. With introductory labs, tutor group activities, taster sessions and the University wide Sustainability Challenge, our 1st years got a flavour of the exciting things to come in their degree, and got a chance to get to know their lecturers and fellow students. We were also joined by 151 new postgraduate students, both taught and research, who have had a busy week of registrations, introductions and a trip to Old Trafford.

    We also welcomed back all our returning students, who’ve been getting re-settled into uni life. The Computer Science Society Pub Crawl gave our new and returning students a chance to meet and get to know the city.

    This busy start to the year is just a taster of what’s to come for our new students as they start this new chapter in their education and their lives. So here’s to a great year for all our new and returning students! 

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