• SSC Voting is Open!

    Published: Wednesday, 05 October 2016

    You can now vote for your SSC reps through the CS UG Community Page on Blackboard


    Voting for student representatives on the Undergraduate Staff Student Committee (SSC) is now open. Please take time to vote for your student rep! The voting is being held via a survey in Blackboard.

    To access the survey:

    1) Log in to Blackboard (via my.manchester).

    2) Under "My Communities" you will see a link to "CS UG Community", click on this link.

    3) You should now see a page with a directory named SSC Voting followed by your year, for example "SSC Voting 1st Year", click on the link.

    4) A page should open showing a link to the survey (for example Voting for 1st Year SSC Student Reps 2015/16), click on this link.

    5) Read the instructions and select "Begin".

    6) There is one question on the survey which lists all the students from your year that have nominated themselves to be SSC reps. Simply select your choice and click "Save and Submit".

    You can only select one student rep. Voting closes at noon (12 o'clock midday) on Friday 14th October. 

    The students with the highest number of votes in each year will be selected to student reps on SSC. We are looking for the following number of reps for each year:

    Year 1: 8
    Year 2: 7
    Year 3: 6
    Year 4: 1

    Unfortunately we have had no nominations from 4th year students, so there will not be a representative for the 4th year.

    Reps will be appointed according to the number of votes received, although we may appoint more reps in the case of a tie. The appointed student reps will be announced shortly after the voting has closed.

    Please take time to vote for your rep!

    Best Regards


    gravatar Paul Nutter
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