• James Elson Studentship Award Deadline Approaching

    Published: Monday, 27 February 2017

    This studentship is awarded in memory of former student and accomplished Computer Scientist James Elson, who died of a rare form of bowel cancer in 2012. James Elson studied an MEng in Computer Science at Manchester and graduated with a 1st in 1997 going on to have a successful career at JP Morgan Chase. His love of experimentation in computing began at an early and continued throughout his life; it saw him modify a Porsche to be the fastest in the UK. The studentship is awarded in memory of his hard work and passion for the subject and is one of two studentships; the first being in cancer research (awarded in September) the second being in the field of Artificial Intelligence, the deadline for which is Friday 17th March. This award provides an outstanding candidate with fees and an enhanced stipend to carry out a 3-year PhD research project relating to applications of computer science in Artificial Intelligence.

    The award is open to applicants applying for a specified list of projects which can be found on our website. To be considered for the award, applicants must be outstanding candidates who are also UK/EU nationals eligible to pay Home fees. Visit our website for full eligibility criteria. Applications can be made through the standard application route but you must have the support of your chosen supervisor in order to be considered.

    For full details of the award please visit our website.

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