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    Published: Monday, 27 March 2017

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    Toby picGood morning UG! It’s Monday 27 March – Week 9, an A week. It’s been a very long Semester so far, but the good news is that next week is the start of the 3-week Easter break. Now, as always, on with today’s news!

    Best wishes,

    Toby Howard
    Director of Undergraduate Studies

    * CS50. This from Cristian Bodnar (Y2, CS): Last Saturday, the first CS50 Hackathon (pix below) in Manchester took place at The Landing, MediaCity UK. The hackathon season in Manchester is now over and we are very happy we ended it with such a fantastic event. We were impressed by the large number of people that showed up to meet David J. Malan and the rest of the Harvard University team. The workshop rooms were full and at some times we even had to organise another one for the people who didn't manage to get into the room. We recorded some of these workshops and we'll share them online during the following days. Attendees also had lots of fun with the CS50 photo booth which was taking photos almost non-stop and publishing them on Twitter instantly. None of these would have been possible without the awesome volunteers and our sponsors: The School of Computer Science, WebApplicationsUK and Google. At the end, David concluded with the following words: "See you at the second edition of the CS50 Hackathon in Manchester!" announcing what might become an annual tradition!

    Collage of 5 pix from CS50

    * DAVID MALAN TALK. And the day before CS50, here in the School David J. Malan delivered a special seminar to a packed room.  David presented the ins-and-outs of how he delivers Harvard's introductory CS50 course, where he teaches CS principles to up to 700 students at once, and how he has adapted the format to be delivered to students from non-CS backgrounds. A podcast will be online soon and we'll let you know when it’s up.

    * PASS1. Josh Dawes (Y3, CMwIE) and Hugh Williams (Y3, CMwIE) write: In the last PASS session before Easter we will: make sure you will no longer be a pun-dle of nerves by putting you completely at ease about the next few weeks; and make sure you never pun-der rate PASS's usefulness (it's really very useful). We hope to see you on Wednesday for the final (and therefore best, obviously) PASS session before you get 3 weeks of no lectures (terrible, right?). See you Wednesday 12:00-13:00 (or 13:00-14:00 for CM).

    * PASS2. Struan McDonough (Y3, CMwIE) and Tom Robinson (Y3, CS) write: This week, we will be finishing off our three part Agile workshop. We'll be going over Test Driven Design and Acceptance Testing, a method of producing software which will be very different to what you would have seen in your studies so far. Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday at 15:00 in Collab.

    * BE A PASS LEADER. Interested in becoming a PASS Leader for next year? Volunteers will receive full training and support throughout their time as a Leader, and develop a range of valuable skills to increase their employability, all while having a real impact on the university life of the first years they support. Here’s more information. If you’d like to become a Leader, you will need to attend the first stage of training, Intro to PASS, this Weds 29 March 15:00-17:00. Places are limited so please sign up.

    * STAFF-STUDENT CODING COMP. The 5th Annual staff-student coding competition last week was a huge success, with 23 teams competing. 6 were staff teams, 5 teams were 1st Year students, 16 teams solved at least 1 problem (out 6), an average of 2.04 problems were solved by each team, and 20 pizzas were consumed. In 1st Place was team Naive Bayesians (staff): Gavin Brown & Tudor Morar; in 2nd Place team StaffMeOutside: Izz Abudaka (Y3, CSwIE) & Nikolay Gospodinov (Y1, SE4); in 3rd Place team Extremely fashionable guys (staff): Andrew Webb & Joe Mellor; Best 1st year team team was team Jordas: Dragos Taraban (Y1, CS4wIE) & Andrei Iordache (Y1, CS4). Well done everyone!

    Group pic of Staff-student competitors

    * NATIONAL STUDENT SURVEY.  Final year students, so far you’ve painted Kilburn 48% blue, so if you haven’t yet done your NSS please do it and take your ack to SSO for your free bar of choc and your chance to win £100 in our final prize draw on 28 April.

    * KILBURN EASTER OPENING TIMES. Until 31 March: normal term-time access; during the Easter vacation 1-23 April you’ll need a valid out-of-hours pass, and access is 08.00-23.30; labs open are LF31, Tootill and 1.8. There will be no IT support over the Bank Holiday weekend of 14-17 April.

    * SUMMER VACATION WORK. Heads up! As usual the School will be offering a number of paid work opportunities (max 12 weeks) for UG students during the Summer vacation. It’s a great opportunity to enhance your CV by learning new skills and tech, and do important development and support work for the School too. Details of the projects available and the application process will be announced in mid-April.

    Teaching Awards logo* TEACHING AWARDS. Is there a lecturer/TA/SSO person that you think deserves a pat on the back for being especially fabulous? Then vote for them in the annual Manchester Teaching Awards run by the Students’ Union. Vote now! (deadline this Fri 31 Mar).

    * GRADUATE INTERN POSITIONS. Interested in a (paid) internship at the University? The Manchester Graduate Internship Programme (MGIP)  is now advertising vacancies (application deadline Monday 10 April).

    * CREDIT KUDOS DROP-IN. A startup founded by UoM Comp Sci graduates Freddy Kelly and Matt Schofield, Credit Kudos are looking to fill full-stack software engineering roles. Interested? Pop along for a chat: they'll be available in the LF area this Thurs 30 March.

    * IT CONFERENCE. Enterprise IT conference IP EXPO is coming to Manchester Central on 26-27 April. There will be speakers from Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Google, NCC Group, SAGE, RedHat, VMWare and more. Registration is free before 19:00 on 25 April.

    * DATA SCIENCE. Advances in Data Science will take place in Manchester on 15-16 May, with speakers from Google DeepMind, Uber AI, The University of Manchester, Imperial College London, University of Cambridge and the University of Edinburgh, CitizenMe, Tableau Software, the Met Office and more.

    * SCHOOL SEMINAR. As part of the School’s regular seminar programme, this Weds 29 March at 14:00 in Kilburn LT1.5, Prof Maria Paola Bonacina (University of Verona) will talk about “SGGS: conflict-driven first-order theorem proving”. Many problems in computer science can be encoded as instances of propositional satisfiability (SAT) and approached by SAT solvers based on the Conflict-Driven Clause Learning (CDCL) procedure. However, the higher expressive power of first-order logic is often needed. SGGS, for Semantically-Guided Goal-Sensitive reasoning, lifts CDCL to first-order logic. All welcome.

    * SOMETHING TO SHARE? Deadline for sending in Monday Mail items: 17:00 every Friday.

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