• Semester 2 Exams

    Published: Tuesday, 28 March 2017

    A reminder that there isn't long between the end of teaching and the start of the exams.

    Dear First Years,

    At the end of this week, teaching breaks for the Easter vacation. We will resume on the 24th April, with a further three weeks of teaching.

    I will circulate some information about the semester 2 exams nearer the time, but I would just like to remind you that, unlike semester 1, there is not a lot of time between the end of Week 12 (12th May), and the start of the exam period (18th May). This means that you should start thinking about exam preparation and revision now. 

    The Easter vacation period is a chance for some rest and time away from scheduled activities, which I am sure we all need, but it is also a key opportunity for revision, and I would strongly encourage you to use the time wisely in preparing for your second semester exams.


    gravatar Sean Bechhofer
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